Today, along with technological innovations, plastic products have become an integral part of our lives. As a result of this, people have already begun to prefer plastic pipes that are cheaper, resistant to chemical and natural effects, and easy to use, than the metal pipes they once used for water drawing.

As "UPS construction" LLC, we are not satisfied with the sale of pipes, we also carry out their drilling and installation works. Our professional team can handle the construction of the most complex networks and is able to handle your projects with high precision.

Our company can undertake the laying of pipes in industrial, civil, agricultural and other sectors. Our experts are responsible for the installation of large water pipelines, sewage lines, pipelines, external drainage systems, etc. is filming. We also provide installation of drainage and other systems.

Other services

Our professional team carries out the most complex works related to the installation of metal structures of various purpose objects, assembly of sandwich panels, laying of pipes, drilling and installation. We fully guarantee all the work we do.