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About UPS Construction

Founded in 2015, UPS Construction LLC offers a range of important supply solutions for companies operating in the fields of construction, oil and gas, energy, agriculture, telecommunications, etc. We have collected a variety of products and services your business may need in a single place.

We build our portfolio according to consumer needs, prioritizing the issues of high quality and customer satisfaction. Regular surveys, analysis, and processing of wishes and complaints allow us to optimize the work process.

Who we are?

UPS Construction is a leading company in the construction industry with a customer-oriented, innovative, and quality approach to providing services. We offer customers completely tailored solutions with our wide range of products, including sandwich panels, polycarbonate panels, polymer pipes, steel structures, and containers.

The technical expertise of our professional team allows us to successfully implement your projects. We select materials that best suit your needs, satisfying the requirements for the durability and aesthetics of your building.

We closely monitor the latest trends in the industry and use high-quality materials, implementing innovations and continuously improving.

We successfully implement construction projects, attaching great importance to partnership, reliability, and customer satisfaction. We are happy to offer you fast and effective solutions. By choosing us, you can feel safe and confidently move forward.

Our Staff

Our team consists of experts qualified in their respective fields. Our qualified experts work as a single team in solving the tasks set.

We develop creative solutions, exceeding the expectations of our customers, and ensure the timely completion of their projects within the budget.

We offer our customers prefabricated solutions and containers with metal structures.


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UPS Construction's goal is to help our customers have reliable and successful construction processes by meeting their complete construction material needs.

Founder and leader / Mustafazade Nihad
Mustafazade Nihad